Our Mission


The McGraw Council is a business think-tank and private equity firm incubating, developing and monetizing businesses.  The Council serves as economist, strategist and finance provider for the operating companies it binds together.  Each of our businesses serves the business community as we are a B2B company.

Our Values


Our operating motto is "We take business seriously".  Honesty, integrity and hard work come together with creativity, passion and excellence to make our partner companies successful .  All of our partner companies work to constantly improve their service to their customers and create a better customer experience.

Why Us?


We help people succeed.  Our companies provide synergy with our total operations and we strive to make the entrepreneur build and sustain a "real" company with tangible value , rising up from the world of the independent sole-proprietorship or personal service business.

Portfolio Companies

Merchant Capital

Businesses often need, but can't find capital! We're here to help you with that problem.  Talk to our consultants today!

Merchant Payment Processing

We offer best in class tools, rates and support. Above all, we bring ethics and professionalism to an often conflicted industry.

Human Capital

What does it cost you to have just one mis-hire?  Our proprietary JobFax Report helps you know exactly who you're hiring.

Accounting, Payroll & Consulting

80% of businesses fail often because they don't understand financial accounting.  Let us help you with accounting & strategy.

Preferred Partners

Technology is a key driver to business success

Companies often overlook many issues surrounding technology resulting in lost revenues, poor margins & inefficient teams.

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